01 March 2011

Cradle Joy Review & Giveaway!

These days, more and more parents are becoming environmentally conscious and health oriented with themselves and their children. We are buying more natural and organic products, but it can be tough to find these products locally or on the web, and not having to spend a fortune on them! With so many options, how does one choose?

Welcome to CradleJoy!
My husband and I started CradleJoy.com after seeing several of our friends struggle with the same tough experience we endured while choosing to have and raise our kids naturally; using safe, healthy and organic products as much as possible.

We wanted to make CradleJoy all about providing the best natural child bearing experience for every Mom & Baby. We all know parenthood can be frustrating at times and we want to help parents experience the wonder and joy of this glorious phase of life in a natural and healthy way.

Says Ro, co-founder and "chief mom" of the CradleJoy website and I believe she says it best!

My daughter has suffered through Eczema from birth. We have tried so many products, from Eucerin cream, Aveeno baby wash and lotions, and even ended up with a prescription from the doctor.

When I saw Episencial Soothing Cream for Eczema, Itches and Bothered Skin, I had high expectations for this little bottle of cream.

The box it comes in is adorable, with Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar adorning the packaging, and I absolutely love the quote from the author on the side of the box:

I feel that taking the time to tell a story, read a book and play with your child is so important. By sharing in this way, you are saying: "I have time for you. I respect you and love you." I hope these new products will add enjoyment and beauty for your family. - Eric Carle

I was very pleased with this product! It is nothing like the "creams" I have tried in the past. It is a very light weight lotion. It blends easily into the skin and completely absorbs. It doesn't leave my daughter with greasy skin. There is no film that gets rubbed off by her clothing, therefore defeating the purpose of putting it on anyway.

I have quickly become a fan and advocate for CradleJoy and am excited to pass it on to all of you!

Here is your chance to try this and the many other wonderful products offered at CradleJoy.com! I have a 15% discount code for the first 50 people to comment on this post! This code will expire April 16th, so hurry and act now! Send over all your friends, you will not be disappointed!

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