12 In 2012

This is a list of goals and challenges I've set for myself for the year of 2012. These are different from "Resolutions". {Okay, they really aren't but maybe sticking them up here and not calling the Resolutions, I'll be able to keep up with them??}

1. Read at least 25 books that are not required by my classes or the kids' book.

2. Get and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout my college career {one class at a time}.

3. Track all my food intake and keep to my calorie range daily.

4. Exercise 3X a week {minimum}, increasing up to 5X a week after Baby is born.

5. Make an effort to keep the dishes, laundry, and house cleaned and "presentable" at all times.

6. Learn to speak Spanish.

7. Cook at least 2 vegetarian meals each week.

8. Publish a blog post at least 3X a week.

9. Finish 4 novels by the end of the year; have at least one of them in the process of publishing.