01 March 2011

We Are On Facebook!

Yep, that's right! Searching For Serenity now has it's own Facebook Fan page! I need 25 fans before I can get a username and make the "like" box for my sidebar {unless someone can tell me how to do it otherwise}, so everyone head on over to your Facebook pages and search and like us! PLEASE!? I will send you cookies. :) Or, better yet - Black Bean Brownies!

Be sure to head over to my CradleJoy Review for a chance to get 15% off your order! I love this new website.

With today being March 1st, I will be starting my own personal MarchNaNo! I will be attempting to get my WIP done {or at least to 50,00 words} by the end of the month and spend the rest of the year editing and rewriting it to perfection!

And don't forget that the SITS Girls are hosting a Comment Cocktail Hour tomorrow night! I will be attending and hope to see you all there!


Happy Tuesday everyone! Remember we are almost halfway to the weekend!

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