07 March 2011

FMM - Hobbies

What do you do to entertain yourself when you have free time?

Writing - I am currently working {though very slowly right now} on my debut Young Adult novel. This should be taking up a majority of my free time, but, sadly, it's not right now.

Crochet - My wonderful mother-in-law taught me how to crochet last summer and I have found that I love it! I made myself a baby blanket and am working on one for my mom and my brother. I will be starting on some preemie hats to donate to the NICUs in Reno and Salt Lake {where most of the babies from town are sent if they in fact are preemie}. I am also working on some Breast Cancer Awareness skinny scarves to sell in October and donate money to Breast Cancer research and treatment.

Photography - I haven't done much and am not that great at it, but I love taking pictures.

Running - I started the C25K program last year and found that I really like running! I want to run a few 5Ks this summer.

Reading - I love to read almost anything. One of my favorite authors is Jonathan Kellerman and I own almost all of his books!

Gardening - I am so excited for warm weather and to get my garden started and get to planting and yard work!

There are many more things I like to do. I am a woman of many trades and will be starting school very soon {hopefully this summer for Massage Therapy then the Fall semester for Psychology!}


nikkipicky said...

I love reading too! It's funny I dream I am running and that I like it. I have never been a runner. It is my goal this year to start running and see if my dreams are true. :) I hope it is easier than I think it will be.

Jen said...

What a great idea about making scarves for Breast cancer awareness!! Love it! I too love to crochet!!

Happy FMM!