13 March 2011

Babies: A Gift Of Life

Preemie Windowpane Skull Cap - Boy
I started crocheting my Preemie Windowpane Skull Caps last night. They are surprisingly easy and quick to do! I loved it.

Today, I am heading to the store for more yarn! The boys' hats will be blue, green and brown. The girls will be pink, purple and yellow and they have little flowers that I'm going to put onto clippies, so when she outgrows the hat, she can still use the flower.

These are the only items I will not have for sale. I have a "medium flat rate" box that I will send off to a "local" NICU once it is filled with hats. If you would like some {for yourself or your own NICU}, all I ask is that you pay shipping. I will also be providing a donate box on this blog. All donations will be sent to March Of Dimes, which puts the money back into families of NICU babies, research and prematurity awareness.

I would like to give this project a name. {I thought of Beanies for Preemies, but it seems to already be taken...} Give me all the suggestions you can think of, I'll pick my favorite toward the end of the month. =)

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