22 February 2011

The Results So Far

I have completed 8 days of the 17 Day Diet. I wasn't exactly 100% successful with all eight days. I went to my cousin's Homemade Gourmet party on Friday night and couldn't help myself with the yummy taco dip... It was late, and the thing with the diet is no carbs after 2 pm and no bread, chips, etc at all on this first cycle. Well, I had a few of the mini toasts and some chips along with that dip... I ended up gaining a little over 2 pounds that weekend and had to work to lose it...

But, as of this morning I have lost 6.8 pounds in 8 days and 10 pounds total this month!

I am happy with that number but disappointed... I do expect my weight loss to slow some, but I was really hoping for a bigger number. Now I understand how the people on Biggest Loser can be so disappointed with their 7s and 9s on the scale each week. I worked my ass off, literally! This whole week, I burned a little over 3600 calories. I slipped a little on my food, and wasn't so great with my water for a couple days.

I know the book promises a 10-12 pound weight loss this cycle, and I'm doing great with that. I have 3.2 - 5.2 pounds left to lose in the next 9 days. That's only 0.35 - 0.57 pounds to lose a day. I was averaging about 1.8 pounds a day. I was really hoping to be back to the 140s by the end of the cycle.

But, I guess I can't beat myself up too much. I can't let this count as a failure {because it really wasn't!} and I can't let this stop me. I still have 43 days and 58 pounds to go. If I can pull a pound a day I will only be 15 pounds from my goal. I really look forward to that, and want desperately to be that small for the first time ever.

Tomorrow, I am going to attend my first Zumba class! I am excited for that.


Fru said...

Yay for Zumba and don't give up! You're doing great!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I love Zumba, and even though I'm Latin is so freaking hard to dance when you are told what to do. You are going to sweat like nobody's business. Good Luck!
I wanted to try that diet but no carbs after 2 may be difficult...