07 February 2011

Nope, Not Today

I had totally planned on starting 30 Day Shred this morning. But it's hard to get started on something. I do need to start on some strength and toning, and I've never been a free-weight or weight machine type of girl.

But, I allowed myself to make excuses this morning. The baby was fussing when I got up at 6... I had to get the kids ready to take K to school... My brother came over to do laundry... And, now that I did 68 minutes of cardio at the gym this afternoon, had to come home and get dinner fixed, the kids bathed and into bed, Hubby will be home and there won't be time.

And I'm fine with that.

I burnt 660 calories today and I feel really good. I had pizza for lunch and some black bean brownies {but used a sugar blend instead of sugar substitute so they came out terribly sweet} and still stayed at the lower end of my calorie range. I am on glasses #11 and 12 {I use an 18 oz. water bottle}.

But, tomorrow is my weigh in day. The start of a new week for me, and the best day to get my beginning weight and measurements and even some "before" pictures.

So, tomorrow I will start.

And next week, Hubby and I will start our diets. {He is doing the Gracie diet and I am going to give the 17 Day Diet a shot.} We are having a mini get away this weekend to "the city". Just the two of us with no kids for the night. I am excited, and we'll be doing birthday shopping for Baby J. {Can't believe he's turning a year old on Sunday!!}

And then, it's back to real life and strict and serious weight loss!

I will be skinny by the time we go to Vegas in June.

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