13 February 2011

...And To My Surprise

One year ago today, I welcomed this sweet angel in to the world, my life and our family.

Yes, that is an oxygen dome over his head, and yes, it makes me sad to see this picture. But then I realize how far we have come since those very hard first 24 hours.

Today, he turns a year old. Baby J is no longer a baby. He is officially a toddler {though he has no interest in "toddling"}.

He has had an amazing birthday and has been completely spoiled by everyone! I am sad to see this first year go, but am so excited for all that is to come. I am so proud of my baby boy and all that he has learned and accomplished. It is amazing how much they grow in the first year of life.

{I will post pictures Wednesday.}

Our vacation was amazing. It was so much fun to be out of town, to be away from the kids {but I really did miss them}. I got J's name and birth date added to my wrist tattoo and got both of them touched up, and I got the star on my hand touched up and recolored. I am very happy with all of them, and it didn't hurt as bad as I remembered it from the first time. Hubby and I shopped {and spent way too much money!}, we ate great food, and generally had a good time.

And surprisingly, I gained nothing on this vacation! I weighed myself this morning just to see and it was right where it was Tuesday. Of course, I'm sure by now that number has gone up. With the cake and ice cream at the party, the lack of water, and the giant Raley's cookie I'm eating right now... I'd be surprised not to gain.

But, tomorrow, we start our diets. I am excited to get rid of this supposed 10 pounds I'm supposed to lose in the first 17 days! Wish us luck!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm very excited that you're starting the new diet. 10 pounds in 17 days would be the best.

Happy Birthday to your big boy!