10 February 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
AH! This Friday has come way too fast, and I'm not prepared for it at all. It's almost 9 pm on Thursday night as I type this and I am still trying to finish up laundry, picking up the house and packing.

The Hubby and I are getting way for the night {without kids!} to the "city". I am excited to have some adult time with my husband {cuz God knows we desperately need it!}, and my amazing wonderful cousin is taking all three kids for us overnight. This will be the first time I've been away from the baby for more than a couple hours, and the first time I will be so far away from all of them. I'm scared, but I know they will be fine and are in great hands.

We are going to do some grocery shopping, Baby's birthday shopping and Valentines shopping. And I will hopefully be getting a new tattoo! Though I still can't decide on what to get...

I can't believe my baby will be a year old on Sunday! This time as gone by way too fast. It makes me sad, but happy at the same time. Getting older means he'll be more independent, and I'll get more time to get things done during the day. But it also makes me sad, because I miss the pregnancy, I miss him being my cuddly bug. I miss all the baby stuff... Maybe someday, I'll be able to feel all that again.

I have been doing amazing at the gym. I have been there every day but Sunday for the past 2 weeks and as of my workout tonight {Thursday} I have burnt a total of 3497 calories, just 3 calories from my 3500 weekly goal. :) In the morning, I am going to my Yogalates class after dropping K off at school, then will head back to the gym for another hour workout, then back home to get everything ready for a 2 1/2 hour car ride.

I think the hotel we're staying at has a gym, though, so I'll be getting another workout in that night and the next morning {and will come back to our gym Saturday evening, as well}.

Well, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and I'll see you back here Monday.


Melissa said...

Have fun!!! You're doing amazing with all your calories burned for the week. I love reading about how you've made it to the gym. I really should consider joining and going to some classes.

Flame said...

I am amazed with your dedication! I'm so proud of you! Girl, you are doing so wonderful with life!