08 February 2011

All We Need Is Love Challenge Day Two: Indulge

Day Two of the challenge, and I may have some trouble with this one. This is what the forums said this morning...

For today's task, we're asking you to "indulge". What does this mean exactly? Well, that is up to you to define. Maybe it is something as simple as giving yourself permission to eat one of those jumbo cookies you have carefully hidden away on the top shelf of your pantry, or perhaps you finally have a reason to go shopping and buy yourself that handbag you've had your eye on. Whatever it is, we're giving you the green light to do something out of the ordinary today that just makes you feel good inside.

Now, I have lost 4.2 pounds this week, so obviously a major cookie binge is not going to be anywhere near my list.

We did recently acquire a fish tank and a Giant Danio from my cousin. My poor fishy is lonely and the local pet store has some very pretty Platties I really want to get. My momma gave me $20 for my birthday, which I had to spend on a heater for the tank {because my house is so stinking cold!}, but my brother owes me babysitting money... So, it sounds like new fishies will be my Indulge for the day.

Okay, maybe I'll run to the coffee shop and allow myself a medium blended Snickers or maybe a Chai Tea.

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Flame said...

Considering I've gained 2 lbs this week I won't be indulging in any food either... I can't spend any money either... Hmmm... this one might be tricky...