09 February 2011

All We Need Is Love Challenge Day Three: Beautify *UPDATED*

Challenge Day Three. As a mother {a busy mother} beauty is one of the last things I have a chance to think about... And it is usually thought about while I'm walking through the grocery store and realize the baby wiped his boogers or drool on the shoulder of my black shirt. Or that it has been months {in fact, I can't remember the last time} since I wore makeup or my hair wasn't put into a pony tail. I know it's not good for my hair, but some days, there's not even time to brush my hair anymore.

I don't know what I'll do for today. Maybe I'll put on some eyeliner and mascara {that always makes me feel okay}? Maybe K and I will paint our fingernails this afternoon? Maybe I'll finally break down and dye my hair again? {I have been wanting to so bad, but have been fighting the urge.}

For today's activity, we'd like you to beautify. Pamper yourself in whatever way works.

Here are a few ideas...
•take a shower
•take a bath
•get your haircut
•get a pedicure
•maybe a manicure
•use a leave-in conditioner
•go to the spa
•take a nap
{Everyone needs their beauty rest, no?}

So what will you do today to BEAUTIFY?

Here's my update:
I went to the store this morning after dropping K off to school. I bought some hair dye {the kind with the highlight kit in it, too} and those Crest 2 Hour Whitening strips. I will be coloring my hair {not a drastic change from what it is now} and whitening my teeth. Then heading to the gym this afternoon to work on losing a couple more pounds before our weekend getaway!

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Flame said...

I sort of mixed the shopping and beauty goal into one yesterday when I got that coat and new shirt. I indulged and looked beautiful.