08 April 2011

April Fragments Of Friday

Mommy's Idea
Sorry it's been so long! Has anyone even really missed me?

I have been out with horrible headaches, depression, injuries and a couple days of "Spring" cleaning, that didn't go very well.

Yes, my headaches have continued. Thankfully, my doctor appointment is on Monday morning, and hopefully we can at least get some treatment options. I'm also praying for the courage to discuss my depression, which has flared up again and is quickly becoming unbearable...

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

As for the injuries... I don't even know how they came about! My wrist is doing much better today. I think I have tendinitis in my left wrist. Every now and then, it acts up, and I think scrubbing the bathroom helped irritate it. My foot is a total mystery to me. I was doing Hip Hop Abs at about 5:30 Monday morning. I was being very quiet. I didn't want to wake anyone up so I could have a shower afterward, so I wasn't jumping or doing too high impact. But, somehow, I hurt the outside of my right foot. I have been limping around on it since Monday morning.

Oh, the doctor is going to LOVE me!

The novel is going well. Honestly, I haven't done too much work. I finished Chapter One but am struggling with Chapter Two. I've always had trouble starting a novel, so I know my first few {5 or 6} chapters are going to take some major time and major work. It's a little frustrating, really. I love the action, the drama, of the middle and ending of the novel, but getting there is a battle!

Wednesday night, I attended a workshop with my former 8th grade English teacher, who now has a few books in print {mostly self published}. It was great! It was very informative, but I've still been reluctant to sit down and work on this novel. I want to, and it wants to be done. But I am such a perfectionist, that it's tough. I have a hard time with "this is only a first draft" and "there will be hundreds of re-writes". I'm working on it, though.

I've been working on crochet {as much as I can with an almost useless wrist} lately. My mom's blanket is almost finished and I have my brother's a quarter of the way done.

During Labor Day Weekend, out little town holds a Tri-County Fair, with a craft show, rodeo and all sorts of other events and vendors. I was talking to Hubby the other day, showing him a crochet magazine I had gotten earlier that day, and he suggested I put some of my crochet work into the fair. That got me excited! I looked up the guidelines online, and I can enter up to 10 projects!! Yay!

These are two of them I am working on:
{These are FREE patterns that can be found on the Red Heart website!}

Crochet Sample Afgan

Forever Diamonds Throw
 Can't wait to show the finished products!

I am also considering a few stuffed animals {found some super cute Amigurumi
patterns at YouCanMakeThis}.

School starts in a month, and it's safe to say I am a little more than freaked out by it. My first class cost just over $2,000 and my husband is still screwing around getting out taxes done!! There's no way we can afford to pay that much out of out own pockets, but unless we get the taxes done, I can't get FAFSA and if I don't have FAFSA filled out, I can't get loans... And I know it wouldn't look good to drop my first and only class before it's even started... Next year, I'm just doing our taxes and letting him deal with the business on his own...

We had Spring weather for a couple days. It was just an April Fool's joke {as a good friend of mine put it}. Now we've got snow and 30 degree weather. It's not unheard of for April in Northern Nevada, but it certainly is frustrating! I can only hope that it clears up by Easter. Last year the kids got to hunt for their eggs in a thin sheet of snow. There is a saying in town here: the only reason we color eggs is so we can find them in the snow.


Teri said...

For you information I check your blog nearly everyday hun!
The weather turned to shit here too! Blake and I had a bonfire and we washed our truck and then BOOM a foot of snow...
I'm sorry to hear your headaches are still bothering you. I have woken with headaches for about a month now and I'm thankful that they eventually clear up around mid day. You be strong and have it all out with your doctor. It will only serve you much better. Love ya!

Melissa said...

I love your blog posts! I would miss you if you completely stopped blogging.

It's a real bummer to hear that you're steal getting headaches. Hopefully the doctor will help you remedy that... and everything else.

I love that you are entering the fair. I'm sure you will do great. And just stayed determined to go back to school.